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Our Services

NISHIN METAL CORPORATION ensures to give the utmost quality metal system and professional services to our client. We specialize on roofing and metal fabrication; installation of high-rib long span roofing both seam-locked and bolted type, roof insulated panel known as double skin roof and siding installation. We also offer this following systems of rectification of roof leaks:

  1. Re-roofing of old roofs. This entails total dismantling of existing roof, if necessary before lay of new roof panels. We also do partial re-roofing.
  2. Overlaying of new roof. As long as roof framing is still in good condition, we could install new roof panels on top of the old roof. It would ensure no disruption on our client’s factory operations.
  3. Installation of insulation over and under the purlins.
  4. Repair of roofing accessories – includes patching, replacement of damage areas such as gutter, etc.
  5. Painting works.
  6. Inspection for roof condition.

Seaming of roof panel using Manual Seamer

Seaming of roof panel using Electric Seamer

Construction of new factory roofing

Re-roofing works for old factory building

Overlaying Works

Through a manpower pool of more than 500 employees, and a highly productive, good service quality image and an advanced Japanese technology, we become more reliable to our client with regards to service and support leaving them with no worries.

We Ensure!