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Message from the President/CEO


The way forward is that a cluster-based strategies are formulated and implemented at locally and Japanese partnerships on improving and innovation learning system. This effort will provide linkage between NMC/NMV ( Nishin Metal Corporation / Nishin Metal Vietnam co. Ltd.) and other Global Partners, develop technical and other skills, methodologies, enhance technological and innovation capabilities.

The objective of this company and it’s product is to facilitate good service qualities and quantitativeness.

In today’s work place reality, leaders need to develop, engage and retain members of their team who belong to different generations. Each generation brings unique and varied ideas, work ethics and behavioral dynamics that enhances and strengthens an organization. Although these generational differences create conflicts and misunderstanding, while all of in our company including employees desire the common good, they often have different ways of getting there. We implement how to build cohesiveness in a diverse workplace. We build each one of us the best ways on how to interpret, interact with one another and move / action in respond to the necessity of each clients needs. Other problem arises needs quick interactions and interpretation from fine generation means more good result and avoid complains to feed the satisfaction of our clients.

We make the most of Japanese high technologies and workmanship of Filipinos and the other locally inclined employees and our lots of experience and continuing innovating technologies to meet out customers needs. Further, we continue and the likes to be trusted by the customers.

I am looking forward to more business partnership globally.

Best regards,

Mr. Kazuya Hashimoto
President and CEO