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About Us

Nishin Metal Corporation (NMC) is a duly recognized organization existing under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines and has been registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on 08 March 2001 under the SEC Registration No. A200103283.

Authorized Capital Stock : Php. 40,000,000.00
Paid - up Capital Subscription : Php. 40,000,000.00
Amended Authorized Capital Stock : Php. 40,000,000.00
Subscribed Paid - up Capital Stock : Php. 40,000,000.00

Nishin Metal Corporation has achieved a lot of accomplishment as far as field of roofing works is concerned. A company composed of highly trained Japanese and Filipino officers and staff. With these two nationalities working hand in hand. Nishin Metal Corporation has set one vision which it intends to uphold throughout its existence – high quality works thru Japanese technology and Filipino workmanship.

NMC seeks to help clients to simplify specifications and develop cost effective systems which reduce time on-site and provide long term accessibility and security. Has developed a range of skills designed to meet the technical and performance requirements of its clients. NMC provides a multi-disciplined capability to meet deadlines efficiently while maintaining high standards of built quality and integrity throughout the project.

Equipped with the advanced technology and the competence of our work staff, NMC seeks not only to satisfy our clients’ individual requirements but also to surpass present industry standards.

NMC a company with a comprehensive performance committed to quality and service clients.