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Roofing and Metal siding fabrication.

Installation of high-rib long span roofing.

Installation of metal siding.

Committed to quality and excellent service for clients.

Our company engages in roofing installation to make, execute, bid for, take or receive assignment of contacts for comprehensive services for clients, including elimination of hazardous practices.

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Highly trained Japanese and Filipino officers and staff

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What We Offer


Repair works would entail total dismantling of existing roof, if necessary before laying of new roof panels. We also do PARTIAL RE-ROOFING.

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Overlaying Works

This system of roof repair does not require dismantling of existing roof. For as long as framing is still in good condition, we could install new roof panels on top of the old roof.

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Other Works

Other works include painting works, installation of insulation over and under the purlins and ventilation systems.

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